At the present time, our available manpower limits the scope of commercial garage door work we are able to preform. Currently, we are able to service or install sectional overhead doors up to 14′ tall with standard lift track, ceiling mounted drawbar type electric openers, with a ceiling height up to 18′.
We are also able to offer Liftmaster models 3900 and 8500 jackshaft type garage door openers on doors meeting the manufacturer recommended specifications.


Do you or your business own a box truck?

In addition to “structural” garage doors, we also provide some services for overhead doors on box trucks and trailers. We have been able to provide replacement springs or spring systems, lift cables, door hardware, and sections for Whiting, Todco and Transglobal doors.
As calls become more frequent, we are working to expand our parts selection to be able to provide faster repair service so your truck is able to stay on the road. In addition, we can help you invest in a limited amount of manufacturer specified parts to have on hand when you do have a part failure, so we can schedule the service immediately into the labor schedule with no lost time waiting for parts to be shipped.
This is currently a work in progress but we would like to work with your business so you can meet the needs of your customers.

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